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You’re a mama on a mission.

You’re here because, like many of us modern mamas, you’re sick of ugly, toxic, plastic plates that still have last month’s spaghetti sauce stains embedded in the surface (even though you scrubbed those suckers till your fingers hurt).

You’re here because the thought of serving one more cup of juice in those tacky melamine cups plastered with cartoon characters (that also kinda’ smell like playdough) makes you shudder in disgust.

And snack time? Pfft, forget it. It’s almost easier to let your kids eat off the kitchen bench rather than search the cupboard for a decent bowl that hasn’t been used as a paint pot or to serve the dog’s dinner.

We see you. We hear you. We are you.

We understand that not all parents want to spend a small fortune on stylish dinnerware that will probably be destroyed by the kids before the first meal is finished.

Some of us would prefer not to have to search for matching Peppa-freakin’- Pig bowls, plates, and cups before our toddler will eat his broccoli. And then there’s the whole landfill/excessive plastic/environmental disaster debate to consider…

We know that for some of us parents, we didn’t choose the kid life the kid life chose us.

But does that mean we have to put up with hideous tableware too?

Our range of modern, minimalistic, non-toxic, BPA-and-cartoon-character-free bamboo dinnerware for kids has been made for parents like you. Sure, we designed them for the little ones, but let’s be honest: it’s really for those of us who want to bring a little style and simplicity back to the dinner table.

bobo&boo. Kid-friendly. Parent-approved.

What’s so good about bamboo?

As a highly versatile, natural resource, bamboo is an eco-friendly solution for many of our modern needs:

One of the fastest growing plants in the world 

It needs very little water and doesn’t require fertilisers to grow 

It is a naturally resilient plant that doesn’t require pesticides 

Bamboo is natural and therefore biodegradable 

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