🎃 My 5 Go-To Healthy Halloween Snacks!

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🎃 My 5 Go-To Healthy Halloween Snacks!

Oh my gourd, can you believe it's that time of year again? Halloween is lurking just around the corner! I always get a little Halloween crazy, probably due to my little pumpkin being born on Halloween. But honestly, the thought of my kiddos going bonkers with alllll the candy is a hair-raising ordeal!

Don't get me wrong; Halloween is a scream! But with the candy-induced craziness, let alone the mammoth effort (and potential for mom guilt) involved in the costume preparations & decorations, things can get a little batty. That's why I'm here to share some fa-boo-lous healthy Halloween snacks that'll keep everyone's broomsticks grounded and spirits high.

1. Mandarin Pumpkins

Because what's Halloween without pumpkins, am I right? Peel some mandarins, keep 'em whole, and stick in tiny celery slices to create adorable pumpkin look-alikes. Easy-peasy, pumpkin squeezy!

mandarin halloween snacks

2. Jack-O-Lantern Veggie Plate:

Grab those capsicums, slice off their tops, and give them a spooky makeover with carved eyes and a mouth. Fill 'em up with carrot and cucumber sticks, arrange them on a large plate and surround them with more veggie pals. Add some bloody beetroot or red capsicum dip in snack bowls for extra eerie fun!

capsicum halloween veggie plate

3. Spooky Cut Out Wrap Crackers with Dip:

Get your little goblins in on the action! Let them wield ghost-shaped cookie cutters (or any spooky shapes they fancy) to create edible masterpieces. Bake 'em up and serve with dips that make you scream with delight! Arrange it all in our divided platesthey were legit made for this!

spooky DIY Halloween crackers

4. Freaky Fruit Bowl:

Use those trusty cookie cutters to craft scary fruit shapes. Pro tip: Watermelon is a real treat, and you can tell the kids it's "chunks of flesh" for that extra spook factor. And those leftover fruit scraps? Freeze 'em for future potion-making (smoothies and juices)!

Halloween spooky watermelon snack

5. Halloween Cheese Platter:

Moms, this one's for us because herding sugar-high kids on Halloween is a real thriller, am I right? Keep it simple with a cheese skull made from Brie or Camembert, and bring it to life with quince jam eyes and a nose. The rest of your spooky spread can include crackers, salami, marinated olives, arranged in our cute little snack bowls decked out with Halloween-themed picks.

Cheese platter perfect for Halloween


And don't forget to treat yourself to a well-deserved glass of wine—you've earned it, witch!

We'd love to see your boo-tiful Halloween snacks, so be sure to tag @boboandboo in your spooky social media posts!