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October 10, 2021 3 min read

Behind the Boo: On the Road with Naomi

What do you get when you pile a family of four into a caravan and send them off on a spontaneous, year-long adventure around Australia?

One heck of a story (and a few important life lessons along the way).

We sat down with Naomi, Chief Boo at bobo&boo and chatted about all things travel, toddlers, and the relentless search for good wifi in the middle of nowhere.

In 2018, your family set off in your caravan to travel around Australia. What inspired you to take this trip?

I had PND after the birth of my youngest son (#RealTalk). Although I was doing my very best to look after him and my eldest while building the bobo&boo brand, I was getting to a point where I needed more help, especially as my husband worked full-time and we didn't have family around.

I also found that I was struggling to find joy in my day-to-day life, and I felt my resilience starting to wear thin - and that was not the kind of life I wanted for my family or me. After sharing all this with my husband (who’s incredibly supportive, I have to add), we decided that we’d look after the kids together as a family; it was just a matter of figuring out how that would look.

One night, Mr Boo and I were chatting about how short life was and the kind of lives we wanted for the boys and ourselves. We both agreed that we wanted freedom, adventure, support, and connectedness as a family; that we needed to do things differently.

By the end of the night, we’d made the decision to travel, and within a few weeks, we’d packed up our house on the Gold Coast, sold our cars, bought a caravan, and headed south!

Holy moly! Were you confident about packing up your life for this new adventure?
To be honest, I didn’t stress over it too much; I figured that worst-case scenario, if it didn't work out, we could just come home.

We headed off with a loose plan to do a year, but we also agreed that there’d be no shame if we found it wasn’t for us and decided to come back early. That mindset around flexibility and ease really helped us to manage any nerves we had.

So, did you make the year, or did you go back to the Gold Coast?

We actually ended up travelling for two years - turns out, we loved it! Then, at the end of our time on the road, we decided we didn’t want to go back to the hectic lifestyle we had up on the Gold Coast, so we relocated to a remote town in South Australia where the closest Woolworths is 320km away.

Okay, ‘fess up: how was it travelling full time with the kids?

Honestly? It was HARD (caps intended).

I have two very energetic boys; Bobby, who had just turned 4 at the time, and Sunny, who’d just turned 1 when we started out. Throw into the mix that we were juggling our work/childcare commitments on the road, living in a cosy (read: small) caravan, and that Sunny wasn’t always the easiest of kids (#toddleryears), and yeah, we had our share of challenges. We can look back now and laugh about it, but it wasn't so funny at the time.


(This is my first photo of our travels, taken on our first night. As you can see, it wasn’t off to a good start.)