Coconut Porridge

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This week we are all about calcium rich meals. Now we all have heard that there’s nothing better then a big glass of milk however so many other foods contain calcium also. I’ve decided to cook with oats. Per 100g of oats there is 54g of calcium. We eat oats about 3 times a week, toddler loves them!!

50g organic oats

100g coconut milk

150g almond milk, extra for runny oats

1 banana


Manuka honey

Chia seeds

Shaved coconut

Place the oats, milk and linseed on the stovetop & bring to the boil, turn the heat right down & cover with the lid for 5 mins. Top with chopped banana, chia seeds, honey & shaved coconut. Enjoy!

Served in a bobo&boo bamboo bowl.

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