Fussy Eater Guide: Top Tips To Get Your Toddler To Eat

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Who here has a fussy eater?

We are loving these tips by @thecuriouscarrot_ 

If your fussy eater recently started refusing foods they usually like, it could be a result of 'Food Jagging.' 

Sounds like a fancy dance but food jagging is essentially when a child gets 'stuck' on wanting a particular food served exactly the same way time and time again. This can occur for a variety of reasons but what inevitably happens is that they experience 'food burn out' and those foods that they once happily enjoyed creep on to the NO! list for a long time 🤨 🤦‍♀️

I feel you - I'm a sucker for serving things the same way once my fussy easter ACTUALLY starts to eat a new fruit or vegetable or even a new meal! But we're really only doing ourselves a disservice.🥹

Apples are a great example of a food that kids often 'go off.'

Below are some examples of what you might do if your child has suddenly turned their nose up to Apples!

You can apply these same principles to all foods and meals 🥳

🍎An obvious one but serve it up differently and be creative!

Instead of cutting your apples in the usual way, core it and slice thinly into “apple discs” to make an apple sandwich using your child's favourite sandwich spread (peanut butter, cream cheese, honey - vegemite even!?) then quarter and serve it on a skewer.

🍏Let your child help you prepare apples.

Either for their snack or something else you may bake together. Apple and Cinnamon muffins maybe 😛

🍎Take a look at our 'Apple Crisps' recipe a few posts back to get the kids involved:

Core, thinly slice, sprinkle with cinnamon and bake to make apple chippies! 

🍏 Last but not least, try some food play with Apples!

Let you're kids be apple investigators. With NO pressure to eat it, grab a kid safe knife and a magnifying glass and let your child explore all the parts of the apple - this is a great one to do together.

Don't forget our bamboo & plant-based dinnerware is a perfect to serve up all meals for your baby, toddler or any aged child 😉.

What foods have your little ones 'gone off' lately? 🥹

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