How to gently encourage plastic-free gift-giving

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How to gently encourage plastic-free gift-giving

 Our top tips to gently encourage plastic-free gift-giving

While it’s not easy in our modern world of cheap and cheerful convenience, your family has made the amazing decision to try to live a plastic-free lifestyle. It’s one thing to manage what you buy for your family, but it’s a complete other thing to try to control what others bring into your home. You know as soon as Christmas rolls around, plastic gifts are going to be coming at you left, right and center.

So how can you gently encourage plastic-free gift-giving this christmas? Here are our top tips to get you started.


Pop ‘plastic-free celebration’ on the invite. Introduce the idea in a fun way – make it the theme of your christmas party, have a prize for the best plastic-free gift-giving, etc.

Wish lists:

If there is something specific you’d like, like a plastic-free bobo&boo dinnerware set or bento plate, pop it on a wishlist. Too bold? You can just make it known you have a plastic-free gift-giving preference to help others with gift selections.

Go gift free:

Sometimes, it can be easiest to remove the plastic-free gift-giving aspect entirely. Choose a charity (perhaps a children’s charity) to support and ask them to make a donation in place of a gift.

Bring a plate:

Ask everyone to bring a plastic-free plate filled with their favorite dish or treat. Paper, ceramic, wooden, stainless steel, glass, bamboo, plant-based plates … Click here to view our range of plates.

Raise awareness:

Don’t be afraid to let people know you are trying to live a plastic-free life. Talk to them directly or share articles like this on your Facebook page as a gentle reminder about plastic-free gift-giving.

If after all this someone still shows up with a plastic gift on the day, graciously accept it. Perhaps you could subtly ask where they bought it in case you can return it to the store.

And if you can’t, don’t add it to landfill - donate it to a charity.

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Plastic-free children’s plate sets are just the start.