The 6 Sneaky Mum Hacks I Used To Overcome My Fussy Eater!

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The 6 Sneaky Mum Hacks I Used To Overcome My Fussy Eater!

I remember it like it was yesterday; my three-year-old, in a sudden turn of events, decided that anything green or fruity was his arch-nemesis. Overnight, our dietary landscape shifted to the limited terrains of nuggets & fries. It was as if fruits and vegetables had vanished from his world. Sound familiar?

Fussy eater with out eco-friendly bento plates

This isn’t just my tale; it resonates with families everywhere. The journey from refusal to acceptance at the dinner table is often fraught with frustration, desperation, and yes, the inevitable question: "Why won't you just try it?"

But here's what I discovered: when faced with a fussy eater, consistency and creativity become our greatest allies. Over the course of a few determined weeks, I embarked on a mission to reintroduce not just nutrients but also fun back into mealtime.

The secret weapon in my arsenal? Our eco-friendly Bamboo Divided Bento Plates.

Here's how these magical plates and a pinch of persistence transformed "Ew" into "Wow":

1.🍓 Keep Portions Small: Introducing new foods doesn't have to be overwhelming. A small bit of something new, next to a familiar favorite on their bamboo kids plates, can pique curiosity without the pressure.

2.🔄 Embrace Food Separation: The individual compartments of divided plates reassure kids that their food's flavors will remain uncompromised, each in its rightful place.

3.🎁 Incentivize with a Dessert Compartment: Tempt them with a tiny treat waiting in a special compartment, but only if they brave a taste of everything else first.

4.🎨 Get Creative with Presentation: Use the plates to make food fun – think smiley faces or colorful patterns with veggies and fruits.

5.🕵️‍♂️ Introduce 'Mystery' Foods: The thrill of uncovering a hidden food under a napkin can turn suspicion into excitement, encouraging adventurous bites.

6.🎉 Celebrate Every Little Win: Each small taste of something new is a victory, deserving praise and encouragement. This positive reinforcement builds confidence and curiosity.

fussy eater exploring foods on our bamboo bento plates

Facing the daily standoff with a picky eater had become our unwelcome routine, but armed with creative strategies and the right tools, we turned mealtime into a discovery zone. Ready to change the game at your table? These eco-friendly bamboo plates might be the breakthrough you've been searching for, making mealtime less about the fuss and more about the fun.

Let me know how you go x 


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