The Busy Moms Guide to Kick Ass Wellness (for you and your family)

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The Busy Moms Guide to Kick Ass Wellness (for you and your family) - Our 6 Tips

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 Feeling a little depleted? It's just been a crazy few weeks, so it’s the absolute perfect time of year to pause and take stock of the most important thing in life - your health! 

 Why Health & Wellbeing Matters 

 Nothing makes us appreciate our health more than when you don’t have it, it puts things into perspective and makes you realize just how much we can take feeling well for granted. 

 When you have little ones though, we often put ourselves last. Being a mom doesn’t seem to  leave much time for self care, and frankly it can feel selfish to even ask for it. 

 But by taking care of ourselves, we can better take care of our children. When our energy is drained, being present for them becomes a big challenge. 

 And by taking charge of our own health, we’re setting a positive example for our children to understand that it’s a good thing to prioritize their own health and self-care. And what mom doesn’t want that?

So what can we do to improve our wellbeing?

 Health is a lifelong journey. And the hardest part of making necessary changes can be just getting started. But once you get into a rhythm, you’ll be surprised at how quickly they can become your new normal! 

 So to help give your wellness a boost, we’ve put together six practical but meaningful steps to start making your health a priority today.

1) Eat Your Breakfast 

More and more women are skipping breakfast these days, but the old adage  “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper,”' is actually really wise. 

 Eating a big and nutritious breakfast sets you up for the day, kick starting your metabolism and supporting your hormones. When we skimp on breakfast we are slowing down our metabolism and telling our bodies to store more fat, and over the long term encouraging a host of health related issues to arise. 

 Keep in mind that eating a nutritious balanced diet is not one size fits all though. Whether it’s plant-based, paleo, carnivore (or broccoli-tarian), just find what works for YOUR body and be open to adapting this throughout your life as your body’s needs change. 

 At the end of the day, the best thing to focus on for your health is to eat wholefoods (local and seasonal is even better) and to avoid anything processed as much as possible. 

 2) Ask For (& accept) Help

As moms we often feel like we need to take everything on ourselves, but not only is this approach unsustainable, it can end up leading us to burn out. 

 Learning to ask for (and to accept) help can feel super uncomfortable when we’re used to being in control and doing everything ourselves, but you’ll be surprised by how willing others are to lend a hand. 

 Start by writing a detailed list of your todos (including chores, activities and appointments) and where available enlist help in advance. Make some time to go over the list with your partner for them to take over parenting duties when you need to attend appointments for yourself, attend a gym class or just to have some precious alone time (waaaaaaa!).  

 3) Ditch the Toxins

Toxins are everywhere these days. And they’re nasty for our health; when they build up in our systems they can cause all sorts of symptoms like headaches, fatigue, digestive issues, depression, anxiety, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, joint pain and weight gain. Doesn’t sound like a good cocktail does it?

 Things you can start to do to reduce the toxic load in your home include;

-       avoiding BPA plastics

-       filtering drinking water

-       switching your household and personal products to toxin free natural alternatives

-       and eating organic or spray free foods where possible 

 And while eating chemical free food is one thing, what about what it’s eaten off? 

 Bobo&boo have a great range of fun, toxic free, plant-based (and bamboo) kids dinnerware that is perfect for the job. You can check them out here

 4) Move your Beautiful Body 

Yes, you heard me right, YOUR body is fricking beautiful! 

 I mean, there’s nothing like growing a baby inside you and witnessing first hand just how miraculous and awe inspiring it is. 

 So mama, show it some love by making it a priority to move every single day. You don’t have to run marathons, perhaps it’s simply going for a daily 30 minute walk, and following along to an online yoga class a couple of days a week? 

 And what is more motivating than when you’re having fun in the process. Whether that’s yoga, bush hikes, beach sports, group gym classes, weight training, dancing or brazilian jiu-jitsu? There’s so many ways to move our bodies! 

5) Nuture Connections with Family and Friends

 Being a parent is oh-so-rewarding, but it isn’t without its challenges. 

 Making time to spend with your family and friends can help you to unwind and talk through your challenges, and to see how others cope. By being connected through friendships and family bonds, we know we’re not alone in the journey.

 And if you are partnered up, scheduling time alone together outside of parenting is important too. It might feel selfish to do things just the two of you from time to time, but just remember that in nurturing your relationship you will be showing your kids how to do the same as they grow up. 

 6) Make Time Just for You

Do you remember before you had kids and you used to have all this time to do all those other things you used to do? 

 Pffft me neither! 

 But making time for ourselves is so vital for our mental health and well being. 

 Go surfing, have dinner out with your girlfriends, attend that art class, take that course, because when you nurture what lights you up (outside of being a mama that is), you’ll have so much more energy to give to your family when you’re with them.  

 Having a morning routine just for you is a beautiful way to honor yourself and start your day off on the right foot. Try getting out of bed before your littlies to drink a big glass of water, stretch your body for a few minutes and listen to a short guided meditation.

 If mornings are just not doable right now (#momlife), then even making space to relax at the end of the day to watch a movie, read a book or soak in a warm bath can be super nourishing too. 

 Remember, there’s nothing wrong with having some me-time, in fact, that should be encouraged, because moms need to relax too!