What to do with your old plastic dishes? See our top 5 tips!

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Congratulations mama, you’ve been busy ditching your old plastic kids dishes for brand-spankin-new bobo&boo dinnerware! 

 It’s so awesome you’re doing your part to reduce toxic plastics by investing in eco friendly, plant-based and bamboo dinnerware for your family.

 But as we give our kitchen cupboards that much needed makeover, we can be left with a mountain of old plastic dinnerware, leaving us pondering what the heck to do with it all! 

 Of course one option is to recycle them. And we’re alllllllll for recycling. 

 But you’ve probably heard the Chinese whispers that, what we dutifully put into our recycling bins, can still end up in landfill. 

 So before you send it off to (hopefully) be given a new lease on life, why not repurpose it at home first? 


kids bamboo dinnerware stacked nicely


Here’s a few ideas to get you started! 


  1. Drip Trays for Plants  

Ok so this one’s pretty practical, but our obsession with plants doesn’t stop at dinnerware! Fill your home with lush planty goodness and use your old plastic plates and bowls to catch excess water at the base of your pots. 


  1. Frisbees

Believe it or not, plastic plates can actually make great frisbees, especially for little ones. Give it a go! 


  1. Paint Palettes 

Those old plates make the perfect paint pallets. Cups are great for filling with water to clean your paint brushes (or as paint brush canisters). Use your old bowls to hold the glitter for your kids to jazz up their picasso worthy paint work! 


  1. Play Kitchen Dinnerware

While you want to avoid using plastic plates as a base for your kids' food, they can be a lot of fun for them to use in their play kitchen. You won't have to worry about leaching chemicals into their plastic burgers eithers!


  1. Sand Toys 

You don’t need to buy sand toys when you can just use your old dinnerware. Your kids' little hands can grip the plates (and bowls) easily for digging and shoveling sand, while a bowl and cup are perfect for making shapes and building sand castles. 


There’s no limit to the creative things you can do with your old plastic dinnerware. Just make sure it’s not being used for anything that makes direct contact with food and you’ll be going a long way to protect your littles health.