Plant-Based Snack Bowl Set - Tropical (10oz)

The best things come in threes, just like our new plant-based snack bowl sets!

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Cheese, crackers, and salami. Cucumber, carrot, and homemade dip. Popcorn, strawberries, and extra M&Ms for Mum. Whatever you serve in them, our adorable snack bowl sets are the perfect addition to any highchair food play, toddler's table, teddy bear's picnic, or shared snacky snacks.

Made from eco-friendly, all-natural, sustainable crop fibres extracted from corn, wheat, and sweet potatoes (yum!), our sets come in two bright, stylish colorways, each with three individual colours.

Better yet, they’re stackable, BPA- and melamine-free, dishwasher & microwave safe, and designed to last longer than the average toddler tantrum.

Compatible with all of bobo&boo’s plant-based dinnerware range, you can mix 'n' match your pieces to create gorgeous, eye-catching table settings that little Boos and their playmates will love!

Bamboo vs. plant-based dinnerware: What’s the difference, yo?Click here to read more.

Product details:

  • Designed in Australia
  • Thoughtfully made from sustainable plant products
  • Set includes 3 x 11.5cm (300ml) size snack bowls
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Free from BPA, toxins, and melamine
  • Available in two colorways - Lagoon or Tropical

Bobo&Boo has created durable, eco-friendly dinnerware that can withstand even the fiercest of toddler tantrums. However, we can’t 100% guarantee that our bamboo and plant-based products won’t break when dropped or thrown -  especially by a grumpy threenager who doesn’t want to eat their vegetables. The good news is that they won't shatter like glass or ceramics but may chip or crack if hurled against hard surfaces. We recommend you treat your bobo&boo goods like you treat your Little Boos: thoughtfully, patiently, and with lots of love.

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