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The Wholesale Bamboo Dinnerware STARTER PACK

Introducing our Bamboo Dinnerware Starter Pack which showcases our much loved O.G. bamboo range!

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Oh-so-stylish and eco-friendly, our kid's dinnerware is always a popular choice for modern mamas and papas looking for chic options to please their little tots. And being tastefully packaged in gift boxes that are almost as beautiful as the dishes themselves, making them perfect gifts sure to delight. 

Our super popular bamboo dinnerware is dishwasher safe, toxic-free & biodegradable. 

Adding a striking presence to your shelves, both in-store & online, these beauties won’t stay there long.

Find out for yourself how fast they fly out the door by ordering yours today! 

This Starter Pack comes with:

5 Piece Dinnerware sets in Mint Green, Blossom Pink, Pacific Blue, Lilac Purple, Sunshine Yellow & Pebble Grey x 2 (12 sets in total)

4 Pack of Cups Coastal x 2

4 Pack of Cups Sunset x 2

4 Pack of Snack Bowls Coastal x 2

4 Pack of Snack Bowls Sunset x 2

4 Pack of Bowls Coastal x 2

4 Pack of Bowls Sunset x 2

4 Pack of Plates Coastal x 2

4 Pack of Plates Sunset x 2

Divided bento plates in all 5 colours (dolphin blue, flamingo pink, apple green, charcoal grey, tangerine orange) x 2 (total of 10 divided plates)

RRP $818 | Wholesale $409 | This Special $369

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