Boo's Go-to Healthy Halloween Party Snacks!

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Here at Boo HQ, we tend to go a little bit crazy over Halloween.

It might have something to do with the fact that my youngest boo was born on Halloween… so (not to blow my own horn or anything) you could say I’m a bit of an expert now when it comes to throwing low-fuss Halloween-themed kids’ parties. 

 But Halloween can get a bit wild with the inevitable sugar highs from all the trick-or-treating hauls and kids going bananas in their crazy costumes. With this in mind, serving up food that is healthy and based largely on whole foods can be a sanity saver for parents!

 Here is what I prepared for my son’s birthday last year, and the bonus is that these recipes are so simple the kids can help you with most of the food prep.

 Mandarin Pumpkins

 What’s Halloween without pumpkins? All you need to do for these is peel some mandarins, keeping them whole, and then stick some small slices of celery into the middle of them to replicate pumpkin stems. Too easy! 

Healthy Halloween Mandarin Pumpkins

 Jack-O-Lantern Veggie Plate

 For these bad boys, cut the tops off a few capsicums and with a thin, sharp knife carve out some eyes and a mouth in each. Next cut up your carrot and cucumber veggie sticks. Place veggie sticks inside the capsicums, and arrange the remaining sticks around them on a large plate. Scoop up some bloody beetroot or red capsicum dip into a snack bowl to serve this up with some extra gore factor!

Capsicum Jack-o-lantern makes a healthy Halloween Snack  

 Spooky Flatbread Crackers with Dip

 Kids love getting involved in party food preparations, so getting them to cut out shapes using cookie cutters is the perfect job for them. We used ghost-shaped cookie cutters, but you can use any spooky shapes you prefer (a quick google search and you’re spoilt for choice). 

 It’s as simple as grabbing some wraps (get the type that won’t fall apart) to cut your shapes out of, popping them in the oven for a few minutes, and then arranging them on a plate with your favorite dips. 

Cut out ghostly figures with our Halloween crackers

 Freaky Fruit Bowl

 Yep, you guessed it. This one involves using those handy cookie cutters to cut out some scary shapes from your favorite slices of fruit. Hot tip, watermelon works a treat and you can tell the kiddos it’s chunks of flesh! 

 And as for all the leftover fruit scraps that don’t get gobbled up during the process, just pop them in the freezer for smoothies and juices later. 

Cut out fruit into Halloween inspired figures for a healthy snack

 Halloween Charcuterie Platter 

 Charcuterie platters are so much fun to make, and this Halloween charcuterie board is no exception. I like to keep mine pretty simple, but the sky's the limit with these. 

You’ll need a Brie or Camembert cheese wheel (or two), a variety of crackers (I used rice crackers and wheat crisps), some quince jam, salami and marinated olives. Then it’s just a matter of getting a little creative to slice the cheese wheel into a skull shape. Using the quince jam bring it to life by adding some eyes and a nose. Fill a snack bowl with olives, arrange the crackers and salami over the rest of the platter and you’re done!

Here is a Halloween Cheese Platter For The Adults Too

Finishing Touches 

Now the food is ready, all that’s left to do is to add a few Halloween decorations to your table. I was in a bit of a rush (and living remotely there aren’t a whole lot of quick options), but was pretty pleased to find some spooky goodies in our local grocery store perfect for the occasion. I went for a spider web table runner, fake spiders and mini bamboo skewers with Halloween-themed paper cutouts on top. 

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We’d love to see what you go for, so make sure to tag @boboandboo in your socials this Halloween!