Our Top Picks For Halloween Party Games

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Halloween is coming in hot, and it’s safe to say I’m well and truly in Halloween Party planning mode!

And this year we’re hosting what has become our annual Halloween Party, because it’s my youngest son's birthday on Halloween. 

I’ve put together a list of my little boo’s favorite Halloween games, which also happen to be some of my favorites because they're so easy to organize. All of these kid-friendly DIY Halloween party games are simple to make using inexpensive household materials that you probably already have on-hand (bonus!).

They’re super fun and perfect for keeping kids entertained at your Halloween parties, for a Halloween games night with the family, or that neighborhood Halloween bash. What’s not to love about dressing up in freaky costumes, playing some spooky games and letting the imagination run a little wild with your family and friends? 


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Here are our top picks for Halloween party games! 

Mommy Wrapping Race: 

This is an oldie but a goodie. It’s always guaranteed to bring loads of fun and laughter to your party. And I especially love that all you need to play this (besides some guests) is a good stack of toilet paper! 

To play, separate participants into 2 or more groups. Each group is going to need to pick who their “mommy” will be. When the game begins each team will race to wrap their mommy in toilet paper, and whoever makes a full mommy first wins! 

Goblin Gobble Competition:

Also known as the “donut on a string” eating competition! But if you don’t want to use sugary treats for this game, you could also use pineapple rings (you just have to get a bit creative to hang these slippery suckers up) or plain bagels. 

The first thing you’ll need to do is hang some sturdy donut strings up (there’s inevitably going to be some yanking with kids involved). You can hang them outside from a tree branch, or anywhere else suitable (with enough space to avoid head-butting). You can let each kid choose their donut from the table before helping to tie the donuts up at the right height for them to reach with their mouths.

And then let the fun begin! Without using any hands, the first to eat their whole donut (without it dropping to the ground) is the winner! 

Ghost Knock Down:

A Halloween twist on the classic ball and toss, this carnival-style game is a no-brainer to include for your party. For a really easy DIY option, take some disposable paper cups, and using a black marker turn them into little ghosts by drawing on some eyes. 

Stack them up when you’re ready for the ball toss and supply 3 balls for each child to take it in turn knocking them down. You can either play this so that the player(s) that knock them all down win a grand prize, or to make it a little easier for the younger kids, keep a tally of how many they knock down in their 3 throws and give a prize to each player based on their total.

Pumpkin Decorating:

It just wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t have some pumpkin decorating in the mix. But it might also make you nervous with all the potential hazards that would be involved in carving up pumpkins when kids and knives are involved. So instead, you can opt for paintbrushes, markers, coloured tape, pompons, glitter and any other craft items littlies enjoy. You can use some of boo’s colorful cups to hold your paintbrushes and markers, and snack bowls are great for filling with crafts too! 

Now without having to worry about potential bleeding fingers, you can let the kids go wild painting and decorating their pumpkins to their heart’s content!

Have Fun!

Well that’s a (mommy) wrap, in addition to some good old trick-or-treating of course, these are my kids favorite Halloween party games!  I hope you enjoy these easy to prepare games as much as we do!

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