Snack Ideas To Simplify Your week!

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Looking for fresh, child-friendly snack & meal ideas?

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Bursting with tasty recipes suitable for kids starting at 6 months, these meal ideas work wonders for the whole family too!

snack ideas for kids


Breakfast Ideas

- Yogurt and mixed berries

- Banana bread muffins

- Fresh fruit salad

- French Toast 

- Fried or scrambled eggs

- Pancakes or waffles


Lunch Ideas

- Mini sausage rolls

- Vegetable fritters 

- Rice cakes topped with cream cheese or avocado

- Hard-boiled egg

- Ham and cheese sandwich

- Chicken tenders and fries


Dinner Ideas

- Spaghetti (bolognaise or even just add garlic, ham & olive oil)

- Chicken or beef stir-fry with rice or noodles

- Taco night with all the fixings

- Shrimp fried rice

- Breaded steak or chicken with cucumber & carrot sticks



Snack Ideas

- Fresh cut veggies with ranch dip or you can find other dip ideas here

- Mini quiches

- Fruit smoothie

- Assorted muffins (try our strawberry and chia seed muffin recipe!)

- Assorted fresh fruit

- Yogurt

- Frozen Yogurt Bark 

These meal and snack ideas are designed to be straightforward and family-friendly, perfect for keeping everyone happy and well-fed across the day!